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Numeracy Night at Grouard Northland School

Grouard Northland School staff with support from the Area 1 learning team, hosted Numeracy Night for students, parents, and community members on Thursday, March 28, 2019. Everyone in attendance had a chance to take part in: 

  • estimate how many,
  • use measurements to make slime,
  • graph how many smarties,
  • use skittles for fractions,
  • a scavenger hunt of shapes in the school,
  • use marshmallows to make 3D shapes,
  • matching number words,
  • picture and number together¬†
  • dice races to 10.

Students, parents and community members were highly engaged in the math activities. It was great to see so many people come out and participate. Thank you to the students, parents and community members that came out for the evening. As well thank you to the school staff for making it a successful night. 

Numeracy Night at Grouard Northland School


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